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This is the video section where I will post video clips. I will not be hosting them on my own webspace as they will consume too much bandwidth. So I will hyperlink to the file hosted by Rapid Share.

To obtain the DivX codec see HERE.

Stephanie Waring in a very sexy sailor girl outfit. Which includes a short skirt and low cut top - DivX 21.6 MB's 2 Mins 15 Secs

Emma Rigby in a silver catsuit on BBC quiz show Hole In The Wall - DivX 61.0 MB's 6 Mins 22 Secs


Lena Kaur in a bikini on the catwalk - DivX 6.05 MB's 38 Secs

Emma Rigby looking very hot in a sexy bikini on the catwalk. Includes Emma's top springing off - DivX 6.69 MB's 42 Secs


Emma Rigby in some very sexy denim shorts and a tight white top - DivX 31.0 MB's 3 Mins 14 Secs

Jennifer Metcalfe, Hollie Jay Bowes and Zoe Lister in stockings and 'Chicago' type outfits doing a little dance - DivX 11.9 MB's 1 Min 14 Secs


Stephanie Waring oiling/tanning herself up - DivX 3.36 MB's 22 Secs

Stephanie Waring showing what she has to offer for a modelling job. Also includes a dream sequence with Stephanie in a few other sexy outfits including another bikini - DivX 16.9 MB's 1 Min 49 Secs


The opening skit from one episode which saw Emma Rigby dressed as a bunny girl. Also includes Lena Kaur in her underwear and Hollie Jay Bowes in a short skirt - DivX 10.4 MB's 1 Min 06


Loui Batley showing her knickers during a fashion parade at The Loft. Also includes Nathalie Emmanuel - DivX 10.3 MB's 58 Secs

Jorgie Porter proudly showing off her new shoes and wearing a very sexy short skirt and black tights - DivX 18.6 MB's 1 Min 43 Secs

Melissa Walton taking off her dress to show her black undies and stockings - DivX 7.30 MB's 42 Secs

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