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  New Updated Picture Archive 

  I'm re-launching my Picture Archive Offer on my soap sites to include all the latest images from the last couple of years, some 153,000, from all the soap sites and a massive 388,000 in total.

So please check out the Picture Archive Offer if you like the images on this site and want them all without having to view every single one individually online. Plus you also get all those other images.

See the offer here: Tarty Doris Picture Archive - or check out the 'Offer' link in the left and below link bars. 

Important News: You may be wondering why none of my sites have been updated for the past couple of weeks. Well the reason is I've had some rather distressing family problems as I've just found out my mum is terminally ill. So I've been spending some time with her and the rest of the time I have not felt like doing anything with regards my sites.

Obviously I'm going to want to try and spend as much time with my mother over the next few months as I can. So expect more disruptions to the schedule of updates.

I am only posting this information on this site and not all my other sites too as it would take too long.

I'm not sure there is anything else I can say at this point.

Latest - There are 149 new images with this update from the last week of Hollyoaks including: Alex Fletcher, Amanda Clapham, Anna Passey, Gemma Merna, Jazmine Franks, Jennifer Metcalfe, Jorgie Porter, Mandip Gill, Nikki Sanderson, Persephone Swales-Dawson & Stephanie Davis.

A decent week this time for the Hollyoaks babes with 149 new images.

Highlights this week include lots of images of Anna Passey. She has the most new images at 43. She was wearing a couple of very cute dresses.

The other major highlight was Stephanie Davis, with 38 new images, as her character has a dirty weekend away with Tony. So Stephanie was looking particularly hot. Most notably in some lingerie and a sexy yellow dress.

The latest images are on 4 pages

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