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  New Updated Picture Archive 

  I'm re-launching my Picture Archive Offer on my soap sites to include all the latest images from the last couple of years, some 153,000, from all the soap sites and a massive 388,000 in total.

So please check out the Picture Archive Offer if you like the images on this site and want them all without having to view every single one individually online. Plus you also get all those other images.

See the offer here: Tarty Doris Picture Archive - or check out the 'Offer' link in the left and below link bars. 

Latest - There are 174 new images with this update from the last week of Hollyoaks including: Alex Fletcher, Amanda Clapham, Jazmine Franks, Jennifer Metcalfe, Jessica Ellis, Kirsty Leigh Porter, Mandip Gill, Modupe Adeyeye, Nikki Sanderson, Ruby O'Donnell, Sophie Austin, Stephanie Davis & Stephanie Waring.

A really decent week this time for the Hollyoaks babes with a huge 174 new images.

Highlight of the week this time has to be Stephanie Davis again in another scene in her underwear. In fact I think this one is even better than the one last week. OMG, has she got a nice looking body. Anyway, you may have noticed that I included a video of last weeks scene in the videos section sometime later in the week. I was just testing that I could do it as a link from within this site, rather than the normal external provider RapidShare. This was supposedly a precursor to moving all the videos. However, I didn't do this latter option. It's just going to take too much effort and besides many of the video links still work. Plus, again the main reason is I don't want to overwhelm my host with too many large files and massive bandwidth usage.

The above said I have decided that in the interim, until I can decide what to do about the videos, I will include new videos within the webspace of my current host. So I have made another video of Stephanie in her undies. I know many of you that didn't like RapidShare will be happy that you can at least download some vids now.

The latest images are on 5 pages.

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