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Latest - There are 83 new images with this update from the last week of Hollyoaks including: Alex Fletcher, Anna Passey, Gemma Merna, Jazmine Franks, Jessica Fox, Lauren Gabrielle-Thomas, Mandip Gill & Nikki Sanderson.

An ok week this time for the Hollyoaks babes.

Hollyoaks was a little bit annoying for the most part this week. Early in the week we had Sienna lying that Nico is sick with a brain tumour. That was definitely annoying to watch.

Then towards the end of the week we had the attempted rape of Nancy. That wasn't the annoying part though. It was that Robbie was then arrested for the deed. Nancy was adamant it was him. Robbie however, knows that it was Finn, yet doesn't tell the police. Or that he knows it was him that raped John Paul. I'm like, 'just tell the police, you muppet!! Don't go down for that little p***k'.

John Paul too is equally tight lipped and not saying a dicky bird, yet I suspect he knew who the culprit was too.

So I was getting really wound up. Finn's rein of terror has been going on for too long and if there is one thing that bugs me more than anything else when watching the soaps is when something stays hidden or secret for too long. It's so frustrating.

So with how the week was going I fully expected that Finn's guilt would still not be revealed by the end of it. However, finally, at the very end of the week Nancy clocked the aftershave Finn was wearing and tied him to the attempted rape. Then at last John Paul finds some balls and confesses that he too was raped by Finn. About bloody time!!!

There was some good news this week though and it was a new girl. She is Lauren Gabrielle-Thomas (not happy with another double barrelled surname though) who plays Amber Sharpe. She is taking over the role of Amber from Lydia Lloyd Henry who played the same part back in 2010. Some may remember the character as having had a child with Finn. Lauren's a cute girl, so should make a good addition to the show. Her character definitely seems a bit feisty and manipulative too. So that should make for some interesting storylines.

Anna Passey has some nice images this week too. Particularly in a cute red dress.

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