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  New Updated Picture Archive 

  I'm re-launching my Picture Archive Offer on my soap sites to include all the latest images from the last couple of years, some 153,000, from all the soap sites and a massive 388,000 in total.

So please check out the Picture Archive Offer if you like the images on this site and want them all without having to view every single one individually online. Plus you also get all those other images.

See the offer here: Tarty Doris Picture Archive - or check out the 'Offer' link in the left and below link bars. 

Latest - There are 73 new images with this update from the last week of Hollyoaks including: Alex Fletcher, Anna Passey, Jennifer Metcalfe, Modupe Adeyeye, Nikki Sanderson, Persephone Swales-Dawson, Sophie Austin, Stephanie Davis & Tamara Wall.

An ok week this time for the Hollyoaks babes.

Highlight of the week this time has to be Stephanie Davis at the end of the week coming down the stairs in just her underwear. OMG, has she got a cute body? This would normally be worthy of a video. However, since RapidShare have changed their pricing policy I now longer host my videos with them. So until I find an alternate solution vids will have to remain on hold. I will still make a video of this but will not add it to the site until I decide what I need to do to include videos again.

I've thought about hosting the videos with my provider that all my sites are on. I am supposed to have unlimited webspace and bandwidth so it should be ok. The reason I have never done so in the past is that videos are resource hungry with these two factors and I didn't want to take advantage and possibly get my sites closed with my provider as it was hogging too much space and bandwidth from other users. However, with these sites struggling to retain buoyancy anyway, what is the worst that can happen? They die a little quicker.

The main issue with this above plan is changing the hundreds of videos I have on my sites already. Uploading them to my host would take forever and updating all the links. It would be a week long job at least I think. The only upside would be that more people could view the videos as I don't think the vids on RapidShare were always downloaded by many because of the slow downloads for non members and stuff.

Do I really have the energy to undertake this above task this week? I don't know. I'll have to be eating three shredded wheat a day for my breakfast I think.

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